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Announcing the Roop Apprentice Program. See all you get as a founding member... and how it might revolutionize your income and wealth building. Qualify for 5 free weeks of unlimited support directly with Richard Roop, but you must join by Sept 23, 2020.
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Apprentice program recap

Learn how close more deals ASAP with help directly from Roop... 25 minute recap but 90-min full video on YouTube with Q&A

Roop Apprenticeship 2020

Same as Roop Partnership Package without Million Dollar Coaching™ or profit sharing. It includes this comprehensive package with some of the best real estate investor training, support, tools and resources I have to offer valued at over $10,000...
  • 5x5 Real Estate Profit System™
  • The Free & Clear Cash Machine™ 
  • ​​​Ultimate Profit Generator™ software
  • Million Dollar Postcards™ 
  • Instant Marketing Tools™
  • ​Profit Power Collection™
  • Free & Clear Cash Accelerator™ - Oct 19-23, VIP Pass, 90-mins daily
  • The Ultimate Experiment™ Bootcamp - Oct 28-30
  • Unlimited support direct with Roop until Oct 31, 2020
  • REI Blackbook All-In-One setup and 1st month FREE
  • The Experiment™ 90-Day Cash Goal accountability Nov-Jan 

The Ultimate Experiment™

Intensive 3-Day Virtual Bootcamp - Oct 28-30, 2020

The Ultimate Experiment™

I created about $205,000 to date… I am getting $50,000 from one of my tenants, he is cashing in a retirement policy, I am owner financing him with $50,000 down. Something I would not have done prior to going to the Richard Roop’s seminar… By April 23rd, I will have created $280,000 of real, usable cash by incorporating The Ultimate Strategy, far beyond my goal written at the seminar…Best to everyone at Richard Roop for your kind, patient guidance
Richard Paradis
I’m too excited to wait until the end of The Experiment to tell you guys how my results have been so far… I exceeded my best 3 months by 50%… After going to The Experiment I set a goal of $45,000 in 3 months AND $600 a month in cash flow… Not only did I achieve $47,953 in CASH, I’m getting an extra $1,000 a month “middle”… In addition I’ve already captured $108,000 in equity and on track for another closing before the end of the month to capture another $60,000 in equity. That’ll be $215,953 in cash and equity in 90 days; actually I still have 2 weeks to go! I owe it all to the laser focus that I came out of The ExperimentI almost achieved half of my one year goal in less than 90 days!
Drew Hitt

Million Dollar Postcards™

“The first time I implemented one of Richard’s messages on a long-running campaign, I was literally overwhelmed with phone calls by people who had been receiving my messages previously, but never responded.” — Jan Cordoza

Million Dollar Postcards™

Previously $1,497 get setup, this “all-done-for-you” postcard mailing service takes the vital task of getting qualified sellers calling you off your shoulders. Mail my newly updated “Magic Bullet” merged postcard, and my other new cards never before offered, including the new Roop Vast Card and Burst Class Mail strategies, and the brand-new Informed Delivery Marketing campaigns

REI Blackbook All-In-One

Package includes DoDeals certificate to get free setup and free month. Check out the features. Compare it to any other service or platform you might already have. I suggest you activate your free month on or before Oct 1.  Ask me about it or ask for advice if needed. You’ll learn more why Tim and I aligned with Damon, Kevin, Josh and all the awesome folks on their award-winning team.

Free & Clear Cash Accelerator™

Includes a VIP Pass to the Oct 19-23 zoom masterclass. The killer agenda has blossomed from the recent 5-Day 7-Figure Lifestyle Business Challenge, with focus on best post-covid money making strategies & techniques

Unlimited support direct with Roop

The Apprentice 2020 package includes unlimited support direct with Roop until Oct 31, 2020, followed by a "90 day group accountability process" revolutionized since first The Experiment conducted 10 years ago

Instant Marketing Tools™ Collection

Richard Roop's Instant Marketing Tools™ have been published and updated since 2003. Some updates in the Free & Clear Cash Machine, plus more in the 5x5 Real Estate Profit System. You'll own a license to use all those PLUS you get all the NEW, never before released KILLER MARKETING TOOLS being used now, and more being released through January 31, 2021

The following programs (and more) are also INCLUDED with the Roop Apprentice 2020 program... plus the 5 FREE BONUS weeks of Roop unlimited support... but only good if you enroll by Sept 23rd, 2020

5x5 Real Estate Profit System

Mastering the Art & Science of Doing More Deals
View course $1,950

7-Figure Lifestyle Business Challenge

7 Steps to Super Success

What's Working Best Now: 2006

Amazing Done-For-You Profits

Make huge profits on great deals that generate substantial cash now, cash flow and cash later… 

Breakthroughs in Real Estate Entrepreneurship!

Build a REAL Biz that Generates Checks for You Each Month

Cash Now Secrets: Q&A

Constructing Multiple Offers in Minutes

How to use new features of Ultimate Profit Generator ver 2.0

Dodd Frank Act Impact on Seller Financing for Investors

How to Thrive as a Real Estate Investor Under the SAFE Act!

Free & Clear Cash Machine

The Ultimate Strategy for Collecting Cash Now & Cash Flow

Free Private Money & Owner Financing Tools

How to Flip Deals for Fast Cash

The 7 steps to take if you needed $10,000 in 30 days or less

How to Make $72,000 Buying for Top Dollar

Unlocking secrets behind the free & clear real estate investing model

Influencing Buyers, Sellers, Private Investors... Automatically

Ultimate Training Webinar

Magic Behind The Ultimate Profit Generator

Structure, negotiate & get 0% long-term real estate financing

Marketing for Finding Private Money

Part 1 - The Big Picture
Part 2 - Creating Mailing Lists
Part 3 - Marketing Tools & Follow up

Marketing for Great Leads at Little or No Cost

How to Attract Buyers, Sellers & Private Investors

Million Dollar Mindstorming 2003

Full day VI P Event on 4 Videos

Roop Done-For-You Investor Website Demo 2011

World's greatest web site design?

Secrets BEHIND Free & Clear Investing

The 10 steps to generating fast cash buying free and clear houses

Secrets to Creating Your Ideal Future

How to Live Your Preferred Lifestyle

Secrets to Real Estate Investing Success

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The Ultimate Flyer System

How to Generate Leads for Little or No Cost

Ultimate Profit Generator software 3.05

"Profit guaranteed” deal structuring software - Ver 3.05

Ultimate Profit Generator - videos

Training videos for UPG software owners

What's Working Best Now: Marketing

Roop Apprentice Program

Intensive live training and support package to help you achieve a compelling 90-day cash or income goal to help get your investing business on a solid launchpad for 2021 and beyond