7-Figure Lifestyle Business Challenge by Richard Roop

7-Figure Lifestyle Business Challenge

with Richard Roop, Tim Mai, Brandi Veil, Willie Hooks and a host of real estate investing pros. Replay course available soon.

What's included?

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Bonus files and other content
Day 1 Homework
985 KB
Day 2 Workbook PDF
1.55 MB
Day 2 Workbook DOCX
1.33 MB
Day 3 Workbook PDF
1.38 MB
Day 4 & 5 Workbook
2.82 MB
30 Days To Bigger Real Estate Profits PDF
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Million Dollar Mindset PDF
247 KB
Making $72,000 Buying for Top Dollar PDF
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Zoom replays - 5 days - 10 videos
Day 1.mp4
(1h 45m 59s)
Day 2 Training Session.mp4
(2h 07m 41s)
Day 2 Experts Panel__P1.mp4
(1h 00m 30s)
Day 2 Experts Panel__P2.mp4
59 mins
Day 3 Training Session.mp4
(1h 43m 55s)
Day 3 Expert Panel.mp4
(1h 39m 17s)
Day 4 Training Session.mp4
(1h 52m 04s)
Day 5 Training Session.mp4
(1h 52m 16s)
Day 5 Happy Hour Networking.mp4
(1h 29m 01s)
Day 6 Bonus Q&A.mp4
(1h 42m 01s)
Highlight Clip Library (Under development)
Day 3 Expert Don Loyd Intro
2 mins
Day 3 Expert Blair Halver Intro
1 min