The Ultimate Strategy Collection by Richard Roop

The Ultimate Strategy Collection

What's included?

Constructing Multiple Offers in Minutes

How to use the new features of Ultimate Profit Generator version 2.0

Dodd Frank Act Impact on Seller Financing for Investors

How to Thrive as a Real Estate Investor Under the SAFE Act!

Free & Clear Cash Machine

The Ultimate Strategy for Collecting Cash Now & Cash Flow

Free Private Money & Owner Financing Tools

4 tools to create loan amortization and payoff schedules for your private lender and seller financing notes

How to Make $72,000 Buying for Top Dollar

Unlocking secrets behind the free & clear real estate investing model

Magic Behind The Ultimate Profit Generator

Structure, negotiate & get 0% long-term real estate financing

Marketing for Finding Private Money

Part 1 - The Big Picture
Part 2 - Creating Mailing Lists
Part 3 - Marketing Tools & Follow up

Marketing for Great Leads at Little or No Cost

How to Attract Buyers, Sellers & Private Investors

Secrets BEHIND Free & Clear Investing

Basic breakdown on the key strategies behind using The Ultimate Strategy for buying houses with the UPG tool

The Ultimate Flyer System

How to Generate Leads for Little or No Cost

Ultimate Profit Generator software 3.05

"Profit guaranteed” multiple offer deal structuring software for all cash, creative seller financing, and subject to

Ultimate Profit Generator: Training Videos

Training videos for UPG software owners

What's Working Best Now: Marketing

Successful students share how to generate leads for sellers, buyers, and private lenders during live boot camps